Point Scoring

  • Points are awarded by the referee when an athlete holds a position for 3 consecutive seconds.
  • Points will not be awarded for athletes who relinquish a position in order to again score points using the same position.
  • Athletes who get to a point- scoring position while caught in a submission hold, must first free themselves and then hold the position for 3 seconds before being awarded points.
  • There will be no take down points awarded when an athlete defends a sweep and returns their opponent to their back or sideways on the ground.
  • Athletes defending standing back-control, where the opponent has one or two hooks in place and doesn’t have one foot on the mat, shall not be awarded the takedown-related two points or advantage point, even after he/she stabilizes the position for 3 (three) seconds.
  • Athletes who attempt a take down before their opponent pulls guard will be awarded 2 points or advantage points.
  • If an athlete has a grip on his/her opponent’s pants when their opponent pulls guard and they stabilize the top position for 3 seconds, they will be awarded 2 points for a takedown.
  • Athletes will be awarded cumulative points when they move through a series of point scoring positions, as long as the 3 second stabilization is continued from the first position to the next and an additional 3 seconds will be counted on the last move of the sequence before points will be called.
  • When an athlete transitions from back mount to mount (or vice versa), and the 3 second stabilization is achieved in both positions, they will be awarded 4 points for each.
  • Takedown (2 points)
  • Guard pass (3 points)
  • Knee on belly (2 points)
  • Mount and Back mount (4 points)
  • Back Control (4 points)
  • Sweep (2 points)