Illegal Techniques

MOVE/TECHNIQUE 4 to 12 Years of Age 13 to 15 Years of Age 16 & 17 Years and Adult/Masters White Belt Adult/Masters Blue & Purple Belts Adult/Masters Brown & Black Belts
Submission Techniques Stretching Legs Apart
Choke with Spinal Lock
Straight Foot Lock
Forearm Choke Using the Sleeve (Ezequiel Choke)
Frontal Guillotine Choke
Triangle (Pulling Head)
Arm Triangle
Lock Inside the Closed Guard with Legs Compressing Kidneys or Ribs
Wrist Lock
Single Leg Takedown While the Attacking Athlete Has His/Her Head Outside His Opponent’s Body
Bicep Slicer
Calf Slicer
Knee Bar
Toe Hold
Spinal Lock without Choke
Heel Hook
Locks Twisting the Knees
Knee Reaping
Scissor Takedown
In Straight Foot Lock, Turning In the Direction of Foot Not Under Attack
In Toe Hold, Applying Outward Pressure On the Foot
Bending Fingers Backwards
Grabbing the Opponent’s Belt and Throws Him/Her to the Floor On His/Her Head When Defending a Single Leg Situation While His Opponent’s Head Is on the Outside of His/Her Body
Suplex Takedown Technique, Landing with the Opponent’s Head or Neck on the Ground