Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to be a member of a Team to Compete?
No. You do not need to be a part of a team to compete.
Can I register at the event?
No. All competitors must be registered before the final deadline. The registration deadline is usually 4 days before the tournament. We will not accept any late registrations.
What are the MNBJJF Weight Classes?
All MNBJJF Weight Classes are listed HERE.
What are the MNBJJF Age Groups?
All MNBJJF age groups are listed HERE.
When do weigh-ins take place?
Weigh-ins for all competitors will take place immediately before the start of your division.
Do I have to weigh-in wearing my gi?
Yes. Competitors must weigh-in wearing the same Gi or No-Gi uniform they will be competing in.
What happens if I miss weight?
If a competitor misses weight or does not weigh-in they will be disqualified from the division.
Can I change my weight class?
Yes. If you need to change weight classes or if you registered for the wrong weight class you can change it directly on your smoothcomp account. Please log into your account at and you can make changes there. If you have trouble or have questions, you can email us at
Is MNBJJF single or double elimination?
All divisions 13+ will be single elimination. We will only do double elimination matches for kids divisions, 4-12 years old.
What color gi can I wear?
Gis may only be White, Royal Blue, or Black. For more information on Uniform Requirements, please go HERE.
How long is my match?
Matches will vary by age category and belt color:
  • Mite (Ages 4-6 years) | All matches: 2min
  • Pee Wee (Ages 7-9 years) | All matches: 3min
  • Junior (Ages 10-12 years) | All matches: 4min
  • Teen (Ages 13-15 years) | All matches: 4min
  • Juvenile (Ages 16-17) | All matches: 5min
  • Adult (Ages 18-29 years) | White = 5min, Blue = 6min, Purple = 7min, Brown = 8min, Black = 10min
  • Master (Ages 30-44 years) | White/Blue = 5min, Purple/Brown/Black = 6min
  • Director (Ages 45+ years) | All matches: 5min
Can I wear Headgear, Groin Protector, or other Protective Equipment?
No. Protective gear including: Cups, Groin Protectors, Foot Pads, Head Gear, Hair Pins, Eye Protectors, or any other equipment made of hard material that may cause injury to an opponent or athlete is forbidden.
Will youth divisions be combined together by weight, gender, or belt color to make larger brackets?
No. We are sticking very firmly to the boy/girl divisions, belt divisions, and the weight classes that have been per-determined. Male divisions will NOT be combines with female divisions and weight classes/belt colors will NOT be added together to create bigger brackets. After the final registration deadline, if your child does not have any other competitors in their division, they will have the option to move up/down in weight or receive a 100% refund on the registration fee. We will do our very best to ensure matches for all competitors, but we do not want youth competitors to have a negative tournament experience from competing with much more experienced or much larger opponents.